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Release the potential of your executives and staff with Baninir One on One and team training courses. We support executives, leadership teams, cross-functional project delivery teams, and more.

In a world changing at unprecedented rates, organizations have realized they must keep up with an evolving market. Our program of training courses, in all areas of business development, digital marketing and e-commerce, will help you and your staff focus on what’s important to your business; how to drive profit and deliver on the lifetime value of your customer. We offer in-house training courses, tailored to your company’s or start-up’s particular challenges or Digital Challenge. Help your team identify your buyer persona and the appropriate digital strategy for you to follow.

Online Marketing Training Bananir

Online Marketing Training for Team 

  • Digital Challenge days

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Pay per Click (PPC)

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Digital Advertising and Sponsorship

  • Hands On Blogging

  • Content Marketing

Analysis Marketing Training Bananir

Digital Measurement and Analysis training for Executives

  • Google analytics

  • Google analytics advanced

  • Social and Digital Metrics and Analytics

  • Writing a Business Plan

  • Articulating your digital marketing policy, strategy and SOPs

  • Creating the perfect Pitch for your idea / startup

Specialist digital marketing bananir

Specialist digital marketing training for industry

  • Digital Marketing for Services

  • Digital Marketing for Ecommerce

  • Digital Marketing for Lead Generation

  • Digital Marketing for Artists

  • Digital Marketing Campaign Planning