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We teach artists to take charge of their own art business, and to make regular, consistent sales by using the web to sell directly to their fans.


I want a free 30 minutes artist growth consult!


Consultancy for Artists

We understand the specific needs of Artists and the complexity of the art world.

We focus on helping the artist get clear on what their unique value is, who their ideal collectors are, and how to tell their own unique story, 

Before our first call, we’ll have you fill out a business coaching intake form that tells me about where you are at with your art business.

This lets us hit our coaching session running with suggestions on how to make your business grow.


Couching for Artists

Its one thing to sell a few pieces of art. Its another thing to build a long term, sustainable art business that supports your desire to make better, more fulfilling art and gives you the financial and time freedom to live the life you want. We can help you learn on how to:

  • Build a Better Artist Website

  • Sell Your Art Online
  • Effectively market with social media
  • Design your own ideal life style
  • Become more business savvy
  • Find the right community that will help you grow as an artist

Artist Bundle

We offer artists the opportunity for a complete website review and evaluation, including writing an artist statement, a page-by-page critique of your artist website, and suggestions for improvement created specifically for you. This includes strategies to take your artist website to a more professional level, give a better visitor experience, and reach out to your audience for higher traffic and better publicity. Alternatively We can create an artist website for you to get you going:

  • Your Website Theme and Appearance
  • Your Art Portfolio, focusing on your body of work and presentation
  • Website Copy – About Page, Artist Statement, layout and readability
  • Your Message – Communicating about Your Art to your Target Audience
  • Social Media Presence
  • Functionality and Navigation
  • How to Improve your Website Visitors’ Experience
  • Step-by-step ways to improve your site now, with links to resources
  • Addresses specific questions and challenges that you request
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